Sub Themes of the Conference:

  1. Bollywood’s reception, consumption and distribution in the globalized era
  2. Various aspects of Indian Cinema
  3. Genres of Indian Cinema
  4. Bollywood Cinema and its collaborations – local or international
  5. Regional Cinema in India
  6. Distribution of films in India and overseas
  7. Multiplex oriented Indian Cinema
  8. Indian Cinema and overseas market
  9. Satellite rights of films
  10. Exhibition of films on movie based TV channels
  11. Indian Cinema in the age of the internet
  12. Bollywood and online platforms
  13. Video on demand and viewers’ choice
  14. Films and entertainment contents on Netflix/Amazon Prime
  15. Alternate networks and Over-the-top system
  16. Bollywood song and dance reception in the West
  17. Indian Music, Song and Dance in the Performative Spaces
  18. Bollywood and Cricket – connecting India and the West with what effect?
  19. Bollywood in Australia
  20. Bollywood and international funding
  21. Bollywood Gangster films
  22. Alternate cinema of India
  23. Hinglish films in India
  24. Representation of women in Indian Cinema
  25. Representation of downtrodden community/classes in Indian films
  26. Issues of censorship and regulation of Indian Cinema
  27. Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and certification of Indian films
  28. Certification of foreign films in India
  29. Bollywood and Indian Culture
  30. Bollywood and social transformation
  31. Bollywood and women liberation
  32. Bollywood and human rights
  33. Films based on contemporary contents and news developments
  34. Women-centric films of Bollywood
  35. Latest trends and varied themes in Indian films

This is not an exhaustive list of sub-themes. The scholars/researchers may choose sub-themes relevant to the main theme/objectives of the conference.