• Media and Women
  • Emancipation
  • Media Education and Literacy
  • Media and Development
  • Role of Information and Communication in bringing marginalized to the mainstream
  • Cinema and Social Transformation
  • Awareness purpose of media during Contemporary Times
  • Infodemic about the Pandemic
  • Fake News and Propaganda
  • Emergence on cartoons to Critique and Comment
  • The New RTI and the Journalists
  • Censorship on Content and Freedom of Speech
  • Psycho-Social implications of Content on OTT
  • Trends in the Music Industry: Bringing back the Old
  • Media and Protests for Social Justice
  • Women in Media
  • Gender representation in Media
  • Representation of Sexuality in Media


  • Media and Communication
  • Media Community and Pandemic
  • Health Information and Communication
  • Political Development and Role of Information and Communication
  • Animation and News
  • Agenda Setting Role of Media
  • Technological Innovation in Media
  • Paid News, Fake News and Impact of PR on News Coverage
  • Role of Media During Pandemic
  • Communication for Women Empowerment
  • Communication through Cinema
  • News Sensationalisation and Media
  • The “Glocal” Social Media
  • Transmedia Storytelling

Alternative Negotiations

  • Communication for Negotiations
  • Presence of Multiple Interests in the arena of Communication
  • User Generated Content
  • Social Media and representation of the otherised.
  • Community Transformation through Artificial Intelligence
  • Citizen Journalism
  • OTT Platforms and Creative Freedom
  • Alternate Negotiations and Community Development
  • Alternate Negotiations in the News Papers and Print Media
  • Alternate Negotiations in Digital Media
  • This is not an exhaustive list of sub themes. The scholars/researchers may choose sub themes relevant to the main theme/objectives of the conference